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2203 7th Street Road

403 Rau Greens Suite 340West Jayda, HI 85041-7807

$217,688 / month

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  • Bedrooms: 4 Beds
  • Bathrooms: 3 Bath
  • Square:469 m²
  • Floors:3
  • Property Type:Villa

Partnership has arrived—the future you've dreamed far too big to envision until now awaits at this unparalleled space. Serious souls with eyes on prosperity beyond the scope of ordinary chance are encouraged to contact us today. Do not let this opportunity pass into history as "the one that got away." Time is money, and in this case time is swiftly running out on possibility itself. The future can be yours to decide—so let's get going!

This premier retail space delivers an unmatched foundation for visibility, community and success at a price point utterly absurd to the point of insult. Positioned at a major intersection within an established 20-year corridor which now finds itself thoroughly woven into the economic and social fabric of an affluent surrounding network, the modern 6,000 square foot unit provides an open-concept layout recently upgraded through comprehensive renovations tailored to meet the needs of forward-thinking tenants with vision to match our own.

Strategic adjacency to national retail power players including grocery, pharmacy, dining and banking brands brings inherent visibility, instant passing traffic and turnkey amenities perfect for turning big dreams into bigger realities. And did I mention the 30 private parking stalls reserved personally for your business's benefit or transit options providing unparalleled accessibility and opportunity to connect customers with community? Your new address brings together everything essential to elevating retail's scope of possibility.

Comparable properties commanding exorbitant price tags many times this candidate's ludicrously low asking rate demonstrate without debate the potential opportunities, possibilities and downright laughably good value which await partnership here today. An asking rental rate of $4,200 per month on flexible 3-year terms delivers the kind of collaboration, affordable excellence and win-win circumstance one could only find stumbling upon opportunity by happy accident. We're focused here on building success stories, not collecting cents from hard-earned dollars.

This turnkey 4,800 square foot retail space combined with 1,200 square feet of complementary storage or office area means occupying a blank canvas ready to be filled with possibilities not yet imagined. Quibbles over customized layouts and fit-outs need not cause a moment's pause as you establish here not just a new business address but a prestigious brand and instantly recognizable powerful presence. With minimal competitive space availability in this acclaimed center, the visibility and prominence on offer won't be seeing the light of day on any other doorstep anytime soon. The future is unwritten—so claim your seat at the head of this table today!

When vision, possibilities, partnership and opportunity align this decisively in a place, success really only remains an inevitability. Let's get together face to face for a chance to bring imagination to life through the translation of inspirations into unassailable fact. Study traffic data, demographic breakdowns, visualizations and any detail fueling realization of potential here perpetually extending into infinity. The opportunities are never-ending!

  • Wifi
  • Laundry Room

403 Rau Greens Suite 340West Jayda, HI 85041-7807, Mesa, Arizona

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